my person

when you cry, i can feel your tears streaming down my own face
and when someone stabs you in the back,
i find myself bleeding, too

i’ll never forget the way you took all my sorrows and burdened your own heart with them

and now, it’s my turn to take the weight

after all, what don’t we share?

so here’s to our indulgent lunch dates, repeated so many times that the wait staff know our order by heart
to the way you rushed to my side with my favorite milkshake when i had my heart broken
to our reality tv-filled monday nights coupled with laughs and pistachio soft serve
to sharing everything from our favorite bubble tea to a therapist

here’s to flamingo-searching and bargain-hunting every time we shop, and laughing the whole way home
to family dinners and nights in the town we call our second home, ending with screams of our favorite songs down the highway
to all the times we answer each other’s urgent texts at 2am, choosing each other over a good night’s rest

and most importantly,
here’s to you
the biggest blessing in my life
and the reason i kept living
i will never forget you

—the best friend that became family



late night diner tripsthat end with full bellies and big smiles
& hundreds of adventures
captured within a thousand photographs

drama, crying, and tragedy
come with eighteen shoulders to lean on
giggles, hugging, and inside jokes
feature nine lit-up faces

i remember singing at the top of our lungs
in your moms old car down the highway
taking it all in
because we’ll never be this young again

16, 17, and 18 came and went
graduation caps were thrown
and stuffed minivans drove in nine different directions

the ring of a text
the impromptu visit
bring us back to our roots

but when we have to be apart
just know eight pieces of my heart are missing
counting down the days
til I am whole again